Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Something Borrowed | Emily Giffin‏

Something Borrowed ~ Emily Giffin‏

By: Varsha Naik
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Rachel, diligent and hard-working lawyer, finds her world turned upside down when wakes up in the arms of Dex, charming and handsome, also a lawyer, a friend from law school, and fiancé to her childhood chum Darcy, the happy-go-lucky PR princess, who always gets things her way

As the story progresses and characters develop, Rachel has to make a decision, does she want to hold on to Darcy, who has always sidelined Rachel and made herself more important, that she must let go of the man she’s come to love. Or, does she want Dex for herself, the only man she can imagine being with, enough to risk losing Darcy’s lifetime of friendship.

At some point in our lives, we have all wanted something that didn’t belong to us. Sometimes they are things that belonged to our best friend, our soul mate, the one person we couldn’t live without. The question is how far is far enough to get what you want.

Personal Opinion: While reading the book, I found myself identifying with certain incidents, nuances of characters and situations. The story is told in a very simple manner, mostly with Rachel as the narrator as she takes you through the daily grind and events as they happen.

A great read to just kick back and enjoy, and for a change, say out loud, “I’m glad I’m not in her shoes.” While the book works as a great stress-buster with a feel-good factor, it helps bring to surface a very basic question. Should you always do the clichéd ‘right thing’, or is it worth, sometimes, to risk crossing the line to fight for something you truly believe in.

Pull out of the melodrama of our own life as you dive into the rough seas of Rachel’s emotions as she tries to make sense of it all - friendship, love and destiny.

My rating: 8/10

I recommend this book to anyone who’s been in love, who’s lost in love, and who’s looking for love. It will warm your heart and make you want to keep trying.


  1. I so want to watch the movie, and read the book. It seems like an interesting light read, I don't usually read such stuff but from what you've written it seems actually worth reading.

  2. An amazing and enjoyable read. Great review =)
    I can't wait to watch the movie too

  3. thanks seems to be exciting read and to hear from you