Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Million Little Pieces | James Frey

A Million Little Pieces ~ James Frey

By: Buthaina Al Hinai
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A million little pieces tells a true heart-wrenching story of a hardcore addict that struggles through rehab, a forbidden love story and his relationship with his parents. James Frey, who started doing drugs at the age of ten, tells his story that begins with an accident that he could barely remember due to him being intoxicated. Frey’s parents, who are the main drive behind his recovery, convinced him to go to rehab to try and put together the million little pieces that his life shattered to. The rehab’s policy clearly states that men and women are not allowed to speak or communicate in any way. Despite that, James fell in love with Lilly- a girl who was in the same rehab. Their love story progresses until a certain point, where it all collapses. A million little pieces has stirred up a controversy in the U.S. and worldwide. Although it is thought to be a memoir, some details have been found to be untrue. James Frey has admitted altering and exaggerating some events.

Personal Opinion: Frey’s writing voice and his way of telling the tiniest details of an event is very impressive and made this book a masterpiece. Thanks to his writing style, living the story and visualizing events comes effortlessly to the reader. However, at a certain point in the book, I found that James Frey was too repetitive and was going into too many details, and thus making the book somewhat boring.

My Rating: 7/10

I recommend this book to those who seek a truly inspirational and emotional memoir.


  1. This isn't exactly a true story. There was a big controversy around this book on the Oprah show. Seems the author made up a lot of the stuff.

  2. It did stir up a controversy. However, if you do some research about the details that Fray fabricated, you'd know that those details do not really matter as they are very minor.