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Born Under a Million Shadows | Andrea Busfield

Born Under a Million Shadows ~ Andrea Busfield

By: Kitten
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Fawad, an 11 year old Afghan boy who goes through a lot of life-changing situations from his early years. The Taliban break in his house, taking away his elder sister Mina and killing Bilal, his older brother who was the man of the house after the death of his Dad. His mother survived the beating and came crawling out of the wreckage.

Fawad & mother Mariya live in the house of the aunt who hates them with a passion, that one day, she tries to kill her and when the suffering becomes unbearable they find another place to live in. Mariya is invited to stay and work at a forigner's house along with her son and both of them pack and go to their new home.

There, Fawad's learns English and practices it with Georgie, May and James who instantly become best friends. The story tells us more of the hard life the Afghans have, through the eyes of this little kid Fawad and his journey towards knowing the facts about his country.

Personal opinion: This is a very light read, the writer's style is so simple yet detailed but you could finish this book in a few hours if you assed the time for it.

Rating: 6.5/10 and even though it might sound like Hosseini's The Kite Runner, it's not. One way to find out is to read it.

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  1. You've pretty much summarized it and anyone reading this would be tempted to try the book as it tells you more about life in Afghanistan and that's the most interesting thing, that and Fawad and getting in his head.